The company starts out
by selling starch and coffee
The name “Liwayway” is
chosen to reflect the hope and
optimism of post-war Manila.
The first magazine and radio
come out.
(Yes, this is how radios looked back then.)
Using Japanese technology,
the first snacks are made,
starting with the beloved
Oishi Prawn Crackers
and Kirei Yummy Flakes!
Oishi’s first TV commercial is aired.
Where did the signature
Oishi hand gesture start?
We ventured into instant noodles
in the 90s and the ad campaigns
for those gave birth to the
famous hand gesture.
Delicious, affordable, and fun, the
products do well, and Liwayway focuses on
growing the product line.
Oishi expands to China,
starting the "Shanghaojia"
brand, which means "superior,
good, and beautiful."
It marks the
beginning of
the company’s
expansion... Myanmar..



..and Indonesia.
Today, Oishi continues to create new snacks
and flavors
for you and all the other Oishi-lovers,
here and all around the world!