We partnered with Adarna House, the
first and largest publisher of Filipino
children’s books, to publish the
reference books for Filipino kids,
100 Questions Kids Ask.
The book mixes fun with fact, giving kids
the answers to 100 questions in the fields
of science, history, and culture, art, and
sports, gathered through a survey of over
400 Filipino kids.
It won the National Book Award in 2006!
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Volume 2 was published in 2011 and answers
questions such as:
What is a
bar code?
Can scientists predict the
end of the world?
Did ancient Filipinos
wear underwear?
Where does our
trash go?
...again with a delightful mix of facts,
trivia, and activities.
It also won the National
Book Award in 2011.
In a well-known fable, the grasshopper spends idle days under the sun
while the ant works to store up food for the coming rainy days.
When the rains come, the ant’s hard work pays off
while the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger.
Oishi presents the Peso-Smart Kids
–a series of books on financial
education for kids
. It takes inspiration
from the lessons taught by the diligent
and wise ant.
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We also support Habi Bags–containers, bags and
accessories made from scrap packaging material.
The multiple folds of the woven strips make Habi
Bags strong and durable.
Habi Bags provide livelihood to the people
of Baseco, and is a joint project of Kabalikat
sa Kaunlaran ng Baseco Inc., Urban Poor
Associates, and Maraming Bayani Foundation.